On the 23rd of februari we (Micha de Bie, Pixelshift & yours truly) will be installing a tv combination setup in the local delft club Ciccionina. It will consist of the old form tv collection, realtime standalone image viewer and a heap of wiring and video amplifiers.

In short the setup will be used to allow VJ's to perform in Ciccionina (as it's to small to user video projectors) and when it's not used for that purpose, to display the pictures taken at the different parties at the Ciccionina Club in the dine room or at party nights when there are no VJ's present.

The TV's were installed into wooden crates by Micha, and will be wired by Pixelshift. I'll be providing the computer hardware and software to the automiatic retrieval of the Ciccionnina photos from the intarwebs. Pixelshift and I will be testing the installation as video projector replacement at the acidos party, the 7th of februari.